Dan, His family, and his roots

I grew up in Construction in San Luis Obispo County. I love this place – I call it home. After high school I started a handyman business with a truck and a weed-whacker and have built it to the business it is today. DKC&P provides an excellent product — Service. DKC&P provides the best service in the community: we are available, we are responsive, we won’t ignore you, and we know our reputation is only as good as what YOU think of us.​ Service is the product . . . 

I hold a Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s of Science in Accounting from Walden University. I also have a Juris Doctorate from the Santa Barbara Colleges of Law. I have always worked to put myself through college and law school by running the construction business. My wife is employed in small business as well.

My wife, son, and soon to be daughter, and I live in San Luis Obispo now, but, we have lived in Atascadero for some time as well. I am a Rotarian and I teach in the Business and  Construction Technology Department at Cuesta College. I sit on the advisory board for the Construction Technology department. Read more about Dan Knight . . .

I have 17 years of experience in SLO County construction; over 11 years as an owner. Read more . . .

The longer I live here the more I realize that I have to put back

into the community that has given me so much opportunity

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Service Groups

                      Rotary Club: The Monday Lunch Rotary Club fosters                               service. Members recognize and appreciate the                                         importance of each individual and their work. They work                           to advance understanding, goodwill, and peace. I am a member and Club Secretary Elect. 

​                      SLO Chamber of Commerce:
 The Chamber works to                             enhance the economic prosperity and community well-                           being of San Luis Obispo County. They focus on creating                         the best possible environment for people to live and raise                       their families.

Involvement in the Broader Community

Educating the next generation

                                                  Cuesta College Construction                                                                     Technology: I am an Adjunct Professor                                                        in the Cuesta College Construction Technology and Business Departments and volunteer on the Construction Technology Advisory Board. I believe that kids and young adults are discouraged from going into the trades because it is looked at as some sort of failure in life. I want to make it clear to them that being a builder is a noble thing and without builders and constructors there would be no society. 

Accounting for the building industry

                                                In process to become a Certified                                                             Public Accountant: At first to better                                                           manage the business I started to pursue a                                                   California CPA certification. Soon it                                                               became clear that this was a benefit to my customers as well – I could help with the financial decisions as well as the building decisions. 

Internships During Law School                      

                                                     Legal Intern for John J. Thyne III:                                                              While Interning I assisted in                                                                            representing clients Pro Bono in construction defect and real property matters. I worked in collaboration with other interns to complete the full litigation process, including: client meetings, legal research, drafting pleadings, service of process, discovery, settlement, case management conferences, settlement, and trial.

                                                S&S Homes of the Central Coast, Inc.:                                                    I served as a Legal intern under the                                                               corporate general counsel at S&S Homes                                                     of the Central Coast, Inc. My duties                                                               included in assisting in subdivision                                                               map recordation, processing map disclosures, writing and revising subcontractor and sales contracts, processing and researching land use and entitlements, and assisting in general real property and business matters. I provided support in defect litigation and aided outside counsel in discovery and defense.

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California Contractor's License #882611 A, B, C-36

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