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Regularly check back to see weekly and daily updates to our photo gallery. We are consistently working throughout the County and consistently are looking for the newest processes and practices to deliver product that is per expectation and on time. We want you to see we work in your community and value its character by seeing us in it and being an active contributor. 

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​​We feel we have a duty to the community to give back in a way that helps to keep locals local, and contributes to society’s wellbeing. We believe that a way we are able to do this is to actively support and recruit qualified candidates from the Construction Technology Department at Cuesta College. We feel that society teaches that a four-year degree is the only way to success in modern life. We believe that the Construction Technology Department at Cuesta College is filling the gap by teaching general studies and hands on skills that students can take to an employer to be successful and break the myth that four-year college is the only way to succeed.

Certifications & Licenses

We work every week to be the best we can be and improve our performance and skills. Learning from mistakes and triumphs we build our usefulness to our clients. We know that there is no better product we can give to our clients than our best. We offer our best  daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and each decade. We have been in SLO County and intend to remain here.  ​We attend regular industry and professional association meetings in order to keep a finger on the pulse of the building industry in SLO County.

We meet weekly with members of the financial, regulatory, and governmental sectors. Being part of the building industry in SLO County and California, we realize we must anticipate and prepare for the changes that come with regulation by the legislature, administrative bodies and local governments. With this preparation we are able to plan our projects to help make our client's projects move all the smother.  Our goal is and always will be to be of maximum service possible to our clients. Our reputation is dependent on our clients feeling as though they where taken care of and heard. We strive to do this with each project we complete. 

consistently improving 

Involvement in the Construction Industry

ABout Dan Knight Construction & Plumbing

Originally a handyman business, since 2004 Dan Knight Construction & Plumbing has grown far beyond just a construction operation. DKC&P is now a local general engineering, general building, and plumbing company in San Luis Obispo County. This means we can work from bare ground up. We can grade a site, trench for and install utilities and footings, all the way to a finished building. We can also remodel and repair. One of the services where we are known for top-notch quality work is lifting an existing house off its foundation, repairing or replacing that foundation, and lowering and attaching it again.

In seeking to handle our own accounting and project management, we developed some very special expertise. These services are now one of the key components in our professional offerings, whether as part of a construction project we are building or as consultation on projects being built by other contractors. 

Founder Dan Knight has banked a tremendous set of skills.

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Educating the next generation

California Contractors License # 882611 –

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EPA Lead-Safe Certification – Learn more about lead . . .


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California Contractor's License #882611 A, B, C-36