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Growing out of a handyman business, Dan Knight Construction & Plumbing has grown far beyond just a construction operation. 


DKC&P is a licensed contractor in the State of California – Class “A”, “B”, and “C-36” licenses. This means we can work from bare ground up. We can grade a site, trench for and install utility lines, dig and build raised or slab foundations, frame, and apply the surface materials interior and exterior — all the way to a finished building. We also do remodel and repair work on a regular basis. One of the services where we are know for top-notch work is lifting an existing house off its foundation, repairing or replacing that foundation, and re-placing the house. Would you like to know more about DKC&P? Read more...

In seeking to build their own accounting, management, and project management capacity, they have developed some very special expertise. These services are now one of the key components in their professional offerings, whether as part of a construction project they are building or as consultation on projects being built by other contractors. In fact, some of their clients are other contractors, and sometimes they are hired separately by an owner to work with their contractor. Interested in knowing more about Dan's role at the Company? Read more . . .  

Founder Dan Knight has banked a tremendous set of skills. Want to know more about Dan Knight personally? Read more . . .

We understand the entire construction process, but like most contractors there are areas where we focus. To help you find reliable workmen in the areas that are outside our focus-area we have forged relationships with other contractors. As a group, we have set standards for quality of work and the behavior of our staff. With complete confidence we recommend these Preferred Contractors:

Will my project succeed?

Deciding if your project makes sense: We work with you to make sure what you want is going to accomplish your goals. We complete feasibility studies that allow you to know the costs of the project start to finish. We can design a build plan, and manage the project as a third party, to do quality control, or as an onsite contractor. We want you to know all the information you need to make a decision that is right for you. That’s why we always want you to feel you have the information you need to be in control of your construction project.

​Will my contractor disappear?

Drawing-board to after-care: The hardest part of building in our view is continuity. So many of the problems in building come from lack of communication. We start the project with you, we ride out the project with you, and we finish the project with you and are available long after the paint dries to maintain your project.

We have sought out to bring in house the trades that typically are the constrictions in the building process. The added efficiency works to help speed your project along. Our goal is to remain in contact. We provide progress updates in writing and in pictures. We want you to know you are getting a top-notch product and in a manner that puts your mind to rest.

We don't do everything

Mitch Madrid


& Welding

Complete residential and

commercial welding services featuring two, state-of-the-art mobile welding rigs. Our skilled welders specialize in structural, ornamental, fencing projects, and much more.



These are the questions we hear over-and-over

Our goal is to minimize the disillusionment that

accompanies many construction projects

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California Contractor's License #882611 A, B, C-36

AAA Landscaping

A full-service design, build,

and maintenance land-

scaping service for residential and commercial clients within San Luis Obispo County. AAA Landscaping is a dedicated team consisting of a general contractor, landscape designer, construction crew,  maintenance crew, and irrigation technicians.


We work very hard to maintain long term relationships with our clients.

We not only want to be part of the project your are currently considering; but we want to become part of your decision making process on future projects.

Where do I start?

Debunking the building process: We know construction can be frustrating. We are often asked by clients “where do we start?” It can be daunting to think “I would like to remodel my home”… now what. We understand it can be overwhelming to understand what needs to, or does not need to be designed professionally, what can be done without permits, what needs to be done with permits and how to schedule a project so there aren’t tradespersons running around like chickens with no heads. We take away this misery and make sure you know the process upfront.

How do I pay for it?

​Mitigating the financial pain: We realize that part of the pain associated with construction is cost. How much it will cost: are there options to pay for the project? What to do if there is an unforeseen that needs to be fixed but raises the budget beyond what I was expecting? How do I pay if I took out a loan?

This is where the financial and business education comes into play. We are able to work with your lending institutions and counsel in order to format the project so it works for you. We are financially literate and understand the legal obligations we are under. We apply this knowledge to our work and put you in touch with a group of lenders and bankers that can get you what you want at a rate you can afford. We design the finance of the project for your needs.