records for budget, cost, and profit analysis in compliance with GAAP. He is responsible to ensure that jobs progress and funds are collected to guarantee adequate cashflow and revenue.  

At beginning of each project Dan sets budgets, and throughout the project he reconciles them with actual costs. He compiles variance reports and graphs, and posts appropriate accounting entries. Upon completion of projects he creates final cost analysis and assesses what portions were profitable and make assessments where improvements are needed. He is responsible to account for all sub-contractors and material suppliers in order to keep costs in control and projects in balance.

He performs research and analysis of economic and political conditions in order to predict the factors that will affect future project costs, both in holistic and mathematical models. He attends local economic summits and Chamber of Commerce events in order to keep a finger on the pulse of the community. 

He prepares and compiles GAAP compliant financial statements in order to assess the company's financial and economic health. He works with clients to structure contracts and benchmarks that fulfill their needs at the same time allowing the DKC&P to maintain cash flow and liquidity objectives. 

He audits financial statements and individual accounts in order to assess accuracy of the financial statements and other documents and establish levels to materiality. He makes judgments of inherent, control, and detection risk, and use methods for random sampling of accounts and judgments of high risk, material accounts needing extensive testing. He creates and implements internal controls after research of the business and economic environment as well as on an ad hoc basis as needed per project. 

Dan attends CalCPA and other association workshops in order to gain knowledge of identity theft and

security, fiduciary administration and duties, as well as current trends of the financial, accounting, and

civil operating engineering fields. 

He is responsible to draft documents and paperwork in relation to operation of the business. He

updates and reviews all forms used in the company and makes appropriate revisions based on specific

circumstances. He prepares memos and client letters as well as demand letters and collections


He provides written correspondence that can be used by clients as a negotiating tool during real

property transactions. Dan often works on projects with bank involvement to complete repairs on

homes that are un-lendable because of some defect. He runs part-time field operations acting in a specialty capacity in the mechanical and structural trades. 

Dan is regularly invited by the Department of Consumer Affairs: Contractors' State License Board, to act as a consultant. He also manages Untied States Post Office Facility projects for NorthLink systems, preforming cost and feasibility studies, and develops project budgets and controls.​

What Dan does at Dan Knight Construction & Plumbing

Dan found that his degrees in accounting added a large amount of value to his construction skills. When he saw the synergies gained between construction and accounting he decided to pursue a California Certified Public Accountant License, and started the process to take the CPA examination. 

While finishing his Master’s degree he decided that to be of the most value to his clients and the community he also needed a Juris Doctorate and to become licensed as an attorney in California. During his accounting studies, he learned that the law and accounting/finance overlapped, and that profound value could be added by combining the two. Currently a third-year law student (December of 2015 expected), he is adding a certification in Business Law.

He founded and has since been the proud owner of DKC&P since 2006. He is responsible for operations of the company. He is in charge of the company's business management, finance, and accounting operations. He completes most estimates and bid submissions for projects, and keeps 

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California Contractor's License #882611 A, B, C-36