Construction Services

Whether it's project management/consulting, construction services,

or expert opinions, we bring a unique set of skills to your job.

Agency Interface: Including helping with preparation of material to be presented as it is developed, response to agency feedback, meeting with the agency in the office or on site, and helping to remediate any discrepancies.

Project Management Services: We can manage a whole construction project, one aspect of it, or for a specified period or step; including developing and maintaining a critical path plan, purchase and “just in time” delivery of materials, quality control, scheduling and attending inspections, and financial & cash flow management.

Consultation Services: Either before or during the construction process, we can help you understand what is going on and what is coming so you can make informed decisions or negotiate from a well-informed position.

Expert Opinions: Often times an expert opinion is not thought of until a dispute is about to go to mediation or court, but in most instances this kind of advice could be more useful as soon as a problem arises.

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Consulting & Expert Opinions

Project Management & Project Consulting

At DKC&P Service is the Product

We realize you have choice when it comes to contractors and there are many contractors in the county that provide an excellent final product. We provide an excellent Product and know what you are really buying with us is Service. We provide the best service in the community: we are available, we won’t ignore you, we are responsive, and we know our reputation is only as good as what YOU think of us.​ 

We have long-standing relationship with planning and building officials, and have specific expertise in what goes into building in SLO County — from initial inspiration, through financing, building; continuing through occupancy and after-care. This local knowledge along with our broad range of skills is of huge benefit on jobs we are building, and also on jobs we are helping to plan or overseeing.

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California Contractor's License #882611 A, B, C-36

Site Preparation: Including grading, excavating, trenching, drainage, irrigation and water supply lines, and reclamation & sewer lines.

Foundation Work: Including trenching, placement and tying of steel rebar, forming, concrete, anchor bolts, raising & repair/replacement of existing foundations, and retaining walls.

Structural Framing: Including wood or steel framing, truss or framed roofs, and  seismic.

Underground & Utility Services: New install or repair/replacement of laterals from the street to the building; including sewer, water, gas lines and appliances, electrical, and audio/video lines.

Plumbing: All stages of plumbing in the house including all gases, sewer, water, fuel gas, & other plumbing needs

Finish Work: Including drywall, woodwork, cabinetry, flooring, tile, bathroom & kitchen fixtures, lighting fixtures & switches, and finish hardware such as towel bars.

Remodeling: Including demolition, clean-up, repair or replacement, and addition of rooms, finishes, walkways or stairs, and just about anything you can imagine.

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